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What is Fixed Fee Recruitment


At Pedal Recruitment we offer a Flat Fee Recruitment Service, whereby we take a much smaller fee upfront and then work our socks off, to find you some great candidates you will want to hire.

Having worked with several independent bicycle workshops and numerous companies from the Bicycle and E-Mobility industry, we realised we would rather charge a small fixed fee instead of a percentage of the annual salary of the successful candidate, this way business can make important savings when they need to fill a job. Agencies often run on culture for making as much money as possible. Flat fee facilitates a culture that puts the customer first.


Normally, Contingency Recruiters traditionally charge a fee for their services based on the placement of a candidate in a role. This fee will usually be calculated based on a percentage of the new starter’s first year’s salary. A typical percentage is between 10% and 20%.

For example, if a new hire for a Bicycle Mechanic role was taken on at an agreed £25,000 salary and the agency was charging the usual industry 15% fee on that, the overall cost of one new hire would cost you £3750. The same hire made via flat fee recruitment could cost you as little as £500. If you then multiply that by how many new hires you make a year flat fee service could save your business a vast amount of money.


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Bicycle Repair Shop

Client, Leading Micro Mobility Company

We would like to thank you for your help over the last two months, we would never have managed to get through this level of recruitment without you.

 Luis dealt with all the initial screening of the many applicants for the wide variety of roles advertised.

Mike, Candidate


A huge thank you to Luis and his recruitment talents! He helped me sort through my CV to find me a job that truly matched my skill set.

Luis was a pleasure to speak to and always maintained a kind yet professional approach.


10/10 would recommend his services.

Client, Bicycle Workshop

Luis is a fantastic recruiter, he has helped us find the right candidates for a wide variety of roles.  


With high levels of care and professionalism, would definitely recommend his services and will be looking forward to working with him in future too.

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